Within the farm:
- Skeet Shooting
- Bike Tours
- Hiking
- Swimming-pool
- Wine Harvest and grape treading
- Olive harvesting

Outside the Farm:
- Climb the Santa Comba mountain, with stunning panoramic views
- MTB Tours
- Pena Aventura Park - radical activities at 55Km
- Casino Chaves at 30km
- Visit the Roman Gold Mines - Tresminas at 36Km
In the 1st century began the exploration of Roman Mines of Tresminas - The largest gold exploration of the Iberian Peninsula which occupied about 2000 men for 200 years.
- Hill fort of Alto da Torre, probably a military structure where it was found the "Treasure of Émeres", with about 700Kg of coins from the Century II and III, found just only 800m from Quinta do Ermeiro.
- Argeriz hill fort and Rupestrian Sanctuary, an important hill fort distant to 2 hours walk or also by MTB.