The story goes that in the 50s the owner of this farm was a major producer of grain, which was once in Lisbon to be part in a competition and was won by a farmer from Alentejo whose production was superior to him. As he was not convinced, when he returned to Trás-os-Montes, he built a house equal to his opponent in order to compete on equal terms. It is unknown whether he returned to win, but the fact is that he was able considerably increased its crops.

The year was 1997 when Fernando Batista and Lourdes Gonçalves acquired Quinta do Ermeiro, commenced the process of remodeling the agricultural sector until what you can see today. Planting new vineyard and conversion of olive groves, walnut and almond groves has helped to increase the production capacity and its quality. All this renovation was done simultaneously with the reconstruction of the main house and adaptation to rural tourism, in order to allow and welcome guests who want to share and experience life on the Farm.